18 July 2008

life is what it is, not what it was

Adventure. Fun. Glory. Laughs. NO STOPPIN'!

Such is life joined with Eesh, Ang, and Mak. Yesterday was no exception, we had plans, goals, things to do! This is life and we are here to live it.

And then it rained.

Robbie came over to play. We glanced at the cloudy sky, brushed our windy hair from our faces, and said "No, Mother Earth. We are going to play!" Five minutes later, the drip drops began drip dropping more coldly and swiftly -- chasing us home. "No," said Mother Earth, "you are not. Today is not your day."

We set our soaked towels and bodies inside. Robbie looked out with longing eyes. "I want to dance in the rain!" And with that, he ran onto the patio, shaking and grooving between those life-giving splatters. A giggle, a childish gleeful giggle, escaped my mouth. Eeesh and I ran out to join him. I kicked my legs and flailed my arms, swaying my hips, closing my eyes as I whipped around my head. Each raindrop kissed my skin, leaving me cool energy. We laughed and screamed, stuck out our tongues, and behaved wildly. Cars drove by on Kam hwy. Drivers curiously looked out their window. Someone might have honked.

Ang had her headphones on and was singing "Come What May" at the top of her lungs. We all joined in. All different pitches, all different tunes, different words. Same song. Same love. Same rain. So good. Then she plugged the ipod into speakers and we blared music. Stomping, leaping, twirling. Wet wet wet. We laid on the deck and let the water soak in us and around us. We rolled and skipped.

Drip drop. Splat. "Oh dear Mother, thank you for this rain!"

16 July 2008

where else is there?

Last week I was an EFY counselor. It was absolutely amazing, but I have never been so tired in my entire life. I will have to write about all of that soon. Long story short --- I fell in love with a bunch of amazing people.

Last night Eesh, Ang, and I went to Sunset for sunset. It was incredible. I love living in Hawaii. I forget I am in Hawaii every other day. That is a shame. I have such a great life. Last night the sun reflected onto the water, doubling the sunset as the sun fell from the sky and sunk into the ocean waves. The sky turned a beautiful orange, yellow, and pink -- a tropical watercolor complete with palm trees and sand in my our toes.

Well as we were enjoying our makeshift Foodland dinners on my blue and tan beach blanket, an old man with a parrot comes by. He is wearing a tank top and spandex. His hair is white and short, his skin tanned leather, and his limbs long and lanky. He had gloves and a pretty white bird on a leash. He wandered down towards the water, just playing with his bird and glancing around to see who is watching. At first I thought "Oh great. Here comes an old bum trying to make money off the tourists with his bird tricks." But he didn't walk over to bother anyone. He just walked around, sometimes standing still for several minutes, watching the sunset and his flapping bird.

It made me sad. The longer I watched the man, the sadder I felt. He looked so lonely there in his skin and bones with the glow of the day easing down behind him. He noticed us staring several times and finally came over to chat. His bird's name is Nieli -- Nosy. He has been living in Hawaii since he finished college. When we asked him if he lives around here (meaning Sunset) he replied "Where else is there?" One day he saw a hurt bird and his heart went out to it. He's been buying birds for pets and rescuing/recovering birds for awhile now. He has 16 birds. Mostly small like Nieli, but a couple big ones. I assume that he lives by himself. I wonder if he had a wife, a family. Where are they now.

He comes every night to watch the sunset. He brings a few of his birds out, one by one, to feel the fresh air, to play in the sand, and to see the sun reflect on the water before it goes to sleep. He takes a $2 yoga class over at Waimea Falls in the mornings. He invited us -- "If you don't have your own mat, you have to get there early. The instructor only brings a few. He's a really great teacher. Talks you through each move. I love it."

He invited us back to see his other birds at the sunset. Not tomorrow though, he said. I won't be there tomorrow. But you girls probably have better things to do than sit and talk with an old man on the beach.

We had to leave soon after, but we thanked him and assured him we'd probably see him at some other sunset. We walked to the car and he followed us on his bike to say a few more words.

I never want to have 16 birds.

03 July 2008

we are in the perfect place for being us right now

Lauren said that the other morning when we were hiking. Lauren, Brittany, and I wandered back into the mountains, through some fields, up the mountain, and into a tree house. A very comfortable and very amazing tree house. But that's beside the point.
The point is, she's right. I am in the perfect place for me to be me. I have good friends, a great life. Plenty of superb opportunities. Life is good.
Yesterday Mark was talking about luck and opportunity. Good luck is being prepared so we can grab hold of opportunities that come our way.
Do whatchoo gotta do, and good things be a comin' yo way.

My car is finally legal. That only took about a month and way too much money. I am, however, a master stick shift driver. Ask me for a ride. You won't regret it. I've missed driving so much. Getting a car was a great choice. Putting on a good cd, rolling down the windows, and imagining closing my eyes and enjoying the warm summer air (I couldn't actually close my eyes driving, could I) is one of the greatest feelings. I just love my thinking time in the car.
There are few things I enjoy more than a cool glass of water, a beautiful drive, and a cozy cuddly afternoon nap.
Oh, and chocolate milk.