06 June 2012

today at the dentist

*first a note: until today, i had only ever seen one dentist for my entire life. he had a practice in the first town that i grew up in, and when my family moved, he moved his practice to a nearby town and we continued to see him. even when i moved to hawaii, i would wait until visits to my parents to go to the dentist, but now that my parents have moved, i have to see their new dentist*
  • The dentist stuck this thing in my mouth and told me to “go ahead.” I didn’t know what to do, so I didn’t do anything, and she said “Good job.” This happened about 15-20 more times. So a few of the times I blew into the thing she put in my mouth and a few times I inhaled instead. Every time she told me “Good job.” I have no idea what that thing was.
  • The dentist made me wear safety goggles. I am at the DENTIST. Why do I need safety goggles????
  • The dentist wanted to take 18 x-rays. That seems like a lot. Fortunately, the x-ray thing didn’t fit into my mouth, so I didn’t have to do those x-rays. Then the dentist told me it didn’t fit in my mouth because I have “an extra bone.” (I don’t think that’s right.)
  • The t.v. above the chair I was in didn’t play a movie like in other dentist offices. Instead it just played country music and showed a picture of a puppy chewing on a candy cane.
The best part of this experience was when a Dixie Chicks song came on and I didn’t have a cavity.