31 December 2009

in review

So, I figure I'll be starting this little bloglog back up again. I'll have more time to think, more time to write. Anywho, here's a look at the past year....

So, I thought I'd hop on board with all the year-end hubub. This past year was...great! I was a mess most of the time in 2008, and even though I had a fair share of grief, 2009 done me good. Let's review a few of my favorite moments (and series of moments.) In no particular order(ish):

10. Working at the RWC. Best job ever. Hands down. I started in August of 2007. Worked there alll fall, winter, spring, and summer. Coolest (and nerdiest) coworkers. Greatest boss. Hours of laughter at staff meetings and trainings. I've never learned more and had the best time doing it.

9. Hikes. Doesn't matter who I'm with. Something about my feet in the earth, getting my hands dirty, pushing my to its limits and finding out there's more. All that time traveling for my hand to dive down into the soil and back up into the skies, and to come out feeling more like myself and more like the earth, and everything's beautiful.

8. Dance parties. Thank you Cassie for invitations to much needed stess relievers. Dressing up, and boogying down. P.S. Jolie -- why didn't I know you then? I met See Bee way back! Bahhh why didn't we all play sooner!

7. The Outback House. Katie, Rachael, Jane, and Collette made it the funnest, cleanest, most comfortable, and absolutely lovely home. Sharing five closest. Dinners together. The random screams coming from Katie's room. Jane's crazy jokes and late night talks. Rachael making a rap video. Collette and I being married. Oh, and art time together.

6. Tie-dye party in my front yard. The most gorgeous summer day. Lots of great friends. Good music. Everyone coming from the beach, from work, everyone just stripping off their jackets and their shoes. Rolling up their sleeves. Basking in the sun waiting for all to dry. How groovy the clothesline looked with it all hanging up. It was just one of the most peaceful afternoons.

5. Living around the corner from Alyssa. Watching Season Seven of Gilmore Girls every day after school (when we still had time). Nightly hangouts in front of Sam's Store. Her roommates thinking I lived there. Others thinking she lived at my house. The times we squished onto Collette's bed for homework and late night talks. Mornings and afternoons at Hukilau. Trips to town, just to wander: Greek food, the library, and some Menchie's. THANK YOU MENCHIE'S.

4. Biking up North Shore all the way to Shark's Cove. Acai bowls. Back to Keiki's for a day in the sun. Getting absolutely fried. Fighting the wind the whole way back. A stop  at Turtle Bay, water, and some free pineapple. Getting face-licked by a wookie dog. No really, click here.

3. Iowa for a couple weeks. Mini road trips with my sister. Field of Dreams. Ice cream capital of the world. Spending afternoons with the twins down at the creek. Dipping in my ankles. Swinging. A backyard picnic party. Harry Potter. Family photo shoots. Catching up with the cousins. Growing corn in our own garden. Cleaning out Gram's old house. The Renegade Garden out back. Knowing I'll never live here again, but still loving the visit.

2. Ridiculously amazing beach days with good friends. Back to the house for talks on the living room floor. FUN PIX. Ice skating. Adventure lists. Shopping malls. Shokudo and honey toast. New friends. A new home. Beautiful, beautiful people.

1. Oh, and falling in love. =)