03 May 2010

On Being (Super)Human

So way back in August, Travis and I made a pact: We would become superhumans. We decided that both of us were at too much of a standstill in our lives -- we could be doing more.

And we made a promise to each other that we would do more. We would form good study and exercise habits, eat well, give time to our family and friends. Go above and beyond our responsibilities to push our limits and stretch our capacities.  We even came up with a secret "sign" that we could give to each other whenever we were out with friends, just to check up on each other and remind the other to put life into action.

Well, time does what it does. The fall semester got crazy and as graduation approached, I felt too stretched. Christmas vacation was a welcome break, and when I returned to the island, I had all these plans to resume my superhumanness. But plans did not go as planned. I liked the new house I was living in, but I never got comfortable. I felt like a guest. It became hard to exercise or eat well consistently. I felt cramped and stuck. Jobs did not work out as I planned, and all the shifting around threw me off. I just felt uneasy. I didn't get enough movement or sunshine, or any of the necessary elements for growing.

Now I am all moved into a new house. It is closer to pretty much everything. I have more space and great light. I feel refreshed and motivated. I got a good workout in this morning, and I have two or three job interviews this week. Summer is coming and life is starting over again.

Superhuman Training Round Two Starts Now!