11 December 2011

feeling grateful

Talking with some good friends tonight has made me miss old friends dearly and feel very appreciative for the incredible love and support I have in my life.

So, my dear friends,

Thank you for the the good talks and cuddles,

for all of the absurdity and laughs

for the dancing and the music

for the love, support, good food, and adventures.

I love you, and I miss you, and I will love you and support you even from afar.

"To be surrounded by beautiful curious breathing laughing flesh is enough…" (Walt Whitman)


Travis and I have this joke about him being "Jedward" - the best of both Jacob and Edward. (Yes, we've both watched all the movies, and we've seen the last two in the theatre with my mom. Well, I've seen them all in the theatre with my mom, but Travis has been with us for the last two. It's a bonding thing.)

His mother takes family photos for Christmas cards every year, and asked us to send her a photo to put in the card, so we had our friend Elena take some photos for us, and little did I know, Jedward would make an appearance:

lazy lucy and chatty cathy

Finishing the semester has had two major effects on me:

1) A burst of supreme laziness complete with hours on end of Korean dramas, Chopped reruns, and the movies I didn't want to pay for to see in the theatre. I skipped showers (more than usual) and didn't wash dishes for a couple days.

2) A burst of sociableness. I like people, I do. But I like staying at home and hanging out with Travis more sometimes. Especially if I am tired and have  homework. But now without that excuse, I spent the whole night on the phone calling my family and Trav's family, and texting a million friends at once. And I am going to three parties this week.

A side note, I bought these amazing leggings that are pretty much sweater pants. Like comfort for my legs: