23 January 2012

oh hawaii

Lately I have really been missing Hawaii - the food, family, friends, sunshine, sand, salt water, the smells, the greens, the random old uncles talking pidgin at the grocery store.

here are some photos our friend Jenna took for us before we left:

word of the year:

this year my spiritual, physical, emotional, etc. health are my priority.
Healthy Spirit: daily study and meditation
Healthy Body: daily meals full of nutrients (yes, i’m talking bout fruits and veggies! i am finally eating greens. and taking vitamins.)
Healthy Mind: time management to both work and rest my mind and state of mind. creative time needed.
Healthy Career: quit my part-time job and accepted a 4 day-a-week internship that will help guide me to a fulfilling and exciting career.
this year will be a 365 day detox. 

05 January 2012


I wrote a draft post of highlights of Christmas with my family, but I've been lazy with it and sort of enjoying keeping all those good times to myself.

Today is my day off of work this week, and I am getting stuff done.

So far I've eaten a good breakfast, sent some important emails, printed off coupons for grocery shopping, and dusted/cleaned/swept/mopped. It is sunny and my mind is clear, so I figured it would be a good time to spell out some plans* for myself.

[Rather than yearly resolutions, I have a tendency to reevaluate things that I want for my life every few months...and often it changes significantly within that time and my plans either guide what I want or are guided by what I hope to see and achieve.]

1. I want to pay off my current credit card, close it, and open a new one with my bank.
2. I want to write in my journal again.
3. I want to read the Book of Mormon with my man.
4. I want to save up $$$ to take a trip to Asia...more specifically Japan, Korea, and possibly Thailand too. 
5. I want to finish school and come up with a concrete plan for what's next. (Good job in Chicago = stay in Chicago. No job in Chicago = move to Portland?)
6. I want to enjoy showering and brushing my teeth more.
7. I want to remember to take my vitamins and to stop biting my nails.
8. I want to go to Hawaii in June to visit Trav's family.

For today I would like to order that new belt for my record player and savor checking items off my list in my brand new planner.