25 October 2009

best invention in the world

it's not just FUN....it's FUN PIX!


....definitely going next weekend with travis. and may invest in one for my future home.
congratulations japan for officially being the coolest EVER.

17 October 2009

one more week

a little listless this weekend without my captain co-captain.

just one more week and a day until my adventure partner returns.

and with him all the vibrancy of life will be amplified.

and i'll be giggling a lot more.

snorting a lot more.

and i'll feel a lot more like i'm not missing an arm or something.

11 October 2009


as always photos mostly from cassie and kara. i've been lazy with my camera (which has been dead for quite awhile, charging as we speak). but i have acquired a mac. expect a lot of photobooth fun in the near future. oh oh and in other news travis and i totally made the most amazing driveway fort last night. we were hoping to picnic on the north shore for dinner, but rain spoiled those plans. so, instead we used the clothesline beneath our overhang, and camped out in our makeshift fort with candles and frozen pizza.

yep. life is good.