16 May 2012

silly birthday faces

05 May 2012

funny things

::I dropped my lunch on the floor twice at the museum. One plate of rice and shoyu chicken all over the carpeted 5th floor kitchen. And the other time I dropped a plate of chicken pasta all over the floor of the elevator. With museum visitors inside. I was dubbed "Messy Intern."

(BTW: Did I ever tell any of my blog reading friends I got a job at the museum? It is only part-time and I am still interning but it is a great start!)

:: My mom texted me this:

"The world is a safer place...because of the Avengers. I am really the black widow."

:: A bunch of geese crossed the street the other morning REALLY slowly. One of the geese even just stood in the middle of the street and walked back and forth, stopping traffic in both lanes. I was surprised that the cars didn't honk at the geese - but then again, they did use the cross walk

:: I bought myself a Labbit for my birthday. What is a labbit, you say? Well, let me show you! Labbits are only the most hilariously adorable creatures ever:

I really thought I had more funny things to share, but now my mind is blank.