24 March 2012

into spring

I remember when my blog used to be thoughtful posts on various topics I think about or study. I feel like the past year or two has mostly just been posts about my life to keep friends afar updated. And I'm okay with that. And just so you know, I still think about significant things and insignificant things all the time. But I think most of the time I end up just talking about them out loud and I don't find the time to get around to writing those thoughts here.

Today is no different. Here are some things that have happened lately:

Travis decided to buzz his hair! I think he looks rather handsome, myself. 

Be present in each moment. Enjoy nature's changing beauty. Seek peace and love.

Trav's brother Sean is in town right now! He and I went for a walk through Lincoln Park and into the Zoo the other day, and we came across this lovely sign over looking the pond.

It was such a beautiful day at the museum that I ate outside and took pictures on my lunch break.

Alyssa missed a layover and got to stay the night in Chicago! We stayed up all night talking and giggling and maybe slept for 3 hours before taking her right back to the airport.
The gorgeous weather took a turn for the rainy and foggy. Very Dark Night.
We went to the Field Museum to see mummies but it was sold out! So we got advance tickets for next week.

And instead we spent the afternoon at the planetarium! Sean fell asleep about 5 min. into the star show we saw.

In other news, a job opened up in the education department at the MCA and my supervisors encouraged me to apply. I interviewed this past week, so hopefully I will get it! It is just part-time, but I think it will be a great foot in the door!

Also, my friend Cassie moved to Bermuda, and I found a roundtrip ticket for about $400. I am making a plan and saving up to be able to go to Bermuda this August! Travis and I were talking about how we both always have big plans for traveling but we never go anywhere. We decided that instead of trying to plan travel around our lives, we will just plan far ahead and commit to travel plans, fitting our lives in around it while we are still young. 

So hopefully I will see New York, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Oahu, and Bermuda before the end of the year. That's doable, right?

14 March 2012

working it out

Today was a rare day off from both the museum and school.

So I slept in until 11:30, cruised the internet until 1:00, showered, then spent until 5:30 doing homework while Hulu played in the background.

Then I skyped with a dear dear friend until it was time to head to the gym.

You see, this whole "health" thing has inspired me to get to the gym. I can get a discount through Travis, and my membership comes with free classes. So tonight I was going to begin my exercise hiatus with a barre class. When I told my friend this, she told me to be prepared because it would be tough. And then I got scared and wanted to just stay home and keep skyping instead.


I went to the gym anyways. Where I ran into the membership advisor who said my pass wouldn't start until tomorrow. I could still use the equipment if I wanted though. Then I realized I had no idea where the class was anyways so I just came back home. I decided I would go back to the gym later to run.

And now I'm talking to family and an old roommate - both of which I have not spoken to in months.
And I think missing class tonight is working out just fine.