06 January 2011

h o p e

i'm such a bum at this. i didn't used to be - at least for awhile.
oh well.

i'm not particularly concerned about my aptitude for blogging or any of the implications.

Although I said I didn't want a full-time job, I somehow managed to get a 9-6 salaried, full-benefited position with a translation company. Jose always sends me e-roses, and I have a lawyer-friend lady in Argentina. I work in an office full of fun girls and we drink lots of tea and eat lots of chocolate.

I don't think me and the office life have a life-long relationship, but ish okay for now. Good professional experience and all that.

For the new year I have decided to take my shiny new moleskin (tank you braddah sean) (ting shen, can you believe i've used all the pages in the one you gave me?) and using it as a daily inspir-journal (still working on the name).

I picked a word to represent my year. A word to drive me and inspire my actions (Thanks for inspiring this action, K.Chun)


Simple, overrated, underrated, and intricate.

Hope embodies happy feelings, the anticipation of good things, the best of the gospel (gospel means "good news." read: hope embodies the best of good news. i like that.), and zest for life.

Hope is active.

Hope is not hesitant uncertainty. Hope is looking forward and acting expectantly.

Hope is me not being idle, taking some risks, looking forward to the results, and (hopefully) having a great year.