27 April 2012

the need to create

the other night i felt like i was going crazy. almost finished with school. lots to do at work. messy house. hungry. wanting to work out and get toned, but feeling tired and lazy.

and so at 11pm, i decided to sew a little creature. and i felt SO...SEW much better.

and the next morning i made little flag thingies to hang in my window.

it's amazing how much we are wired (or at least I am wired) to need to create and do creative things.

do you ever get the feeling that if you don't make something you'll explode? 

plants and animals

some shots of my house plants and the animals that live across the street:

long over due

I have one week of grad school left. Last week was the "White Glove Ceremony" for my program. All of finishing the program were given our unofficial certificate and a pair of white museum gloves. We have to pay $20 for our real certificate. (Really? After giving you thousands of dollars, I have to give you $20 more to prove that I did all those classes? I think that is so silly. Please take that $20 from my materials fees, thanks.)

A person honked at me at a red light the other day. For stopping. At the red light. While  a woman and her child crossed the street. How dare I stop in a situation like that!

I got a spray tan last week. My first ever. I used to have this "thing" against spray tans. Like it was giving in to The Man. Or betraying the sun or something. But I like being tan. Having golden skin makes me feel better about the way that I look and it makes me feel healthier. And in response to that, I tend to treat my skin and myself better, and act healthier. So why not? I could use Trav's discount and have one of his coworkers give me a tan, and I wouldn't have to worry about the skin cancer. The catch was that I wasn't supposed to get any part of my body wet for 10-12 hours. That was so much harder than I thought. I leaned up against the kitchen counter and later found a big white stripe across my stomach. In my sleep, I put my hand on my arm and sweat, and so I woke up with a handprint on my arm. (Fortunately the tan had set by then, and I most just left prints in the bronzer and it evened out...Whew!) 

Here is a crappy picture of my tan afterwards...BIG difference from my white skin. The whitest skin I've had since I was 17. The whitest skin I've had since I've been away from Hawaii the longest since I was 18. 

In other news, we waited outside for 1.5 hours to get doughnuts, and naturally after waiting that long, Travis wanted one of every kind of doughnut. So we came home with nearly $40 of doughnuts and spent our entire Saturday on the couch watching White Collar, eating. It felt so good to honestly and completely RELAX.