27 April 2012

the need to create

the other night i felt like i was going crazy. almost finished with school. lots to do at work. messy house. hungry. wanting to work out and get toned, but feeling tired and lazy.

and so at 11pm, i decided to sew a little creature. and i felt SO...SEW much better.

and the next morning i made little flag thingies to hang in my window.

it's amazing how much we are wired (or at least I am wired) to need to create and do creative things.

do you ever get the feeling that if you don't make something you'll explode? 

1 comment:

collette charles said...

cute!!! and yes. love your little creature. was it you or alyssa who told me about how we can an evolutionary feature in our brains that releases a happy chemical when we do things with our hands? it's true, it's science.