04 February 2010

e-harmony's got nothing on us.

thanks for actually saying that in real life, trav. 
(it's true)

02 February 2010

on the hunt

So, work at Sylvan is great. Very fun. I love working with kids. Why didn't I realize this when I was getting a degree? Not that I'd trade it for ICS -- I learned how to think and look at the world in a whole new way, and that is much more valuable than training for a career.

Unfortunately, the jobs I want right now all have to do with child care. I realized at Sylvan that I LOVE teaching young kids. Why didn't I realize I want to be a preschool or kindergarten teacher until AFTER I graduated?!

I'm considering going back for education...I'm in no rush for my Master's. And I could just transfer all my GE's. Maybe? Who knows.

In the mean time, Sylvan is not giving me as many hours as I hoped. I'm looking for another job.

I just got hired to work for After School All-Stars every afternoon. I'll be on homework support, assisting Kelli teach arts and crafts and journalism, and just floating where the teachers need me. I have Sylvan for the weekends, and I'm trying to find a part-time job for the mornings. Maybe Borders? We'll see.

I'm hoping my work days will run from about 9am-5pm. Trav and I are making a deal with his sister to buy the groceries and we'll cook dinner every night. Help the kids with their homework. We're still catching up on Lost. He's giving me skate lessons, and I'm teaching him to sing. He's still meeting with the missionaries, and we go to the family ward every Sunday.

Life is good. I'm not worried.